Customer Relationship Management of the future: Portal application
SKILLselect CRM 2.0

Contact management with a large network of IT Consultants

SKILLselect CRM 2.0 can do everything.

Storing and maintenance per dataset of profiles and reference letters etc.
SKILLselect CRM 2.0 renders possible the setting up of skill-related pools.
Via personal logins, consultants gain access to their data and can set up and update profiles.

SKILLselect CRM 2.0 is effective.

The highly individual follow-up functionality provides a variety of possibilities for recruiters.


SKILLselect CRM 2.0 is economical.

On account of the automated email functionality, such as eg. submission of project offers to suitable candidates via Skillselection, workflow is optimized and the candidate letter can be sent at the same time to a large number of candidates.

SKILLselect CRM 2.0 is unique.

Publishing of project offers appears on the advertising platform without further expenditure, after preparation. Project offers can then be accessed by robots and published elsewhere.